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Joblogic Service Management System

To ensure that all of our service operations are delivered to the highest possible standard in terms of site attendance as agreed, first time fixes and demonstrable quality of service and value for money Domino Building Services use the Joblogic integrated service management system

Joblogic is a workforce and job management system and uses the latest software and hand held devices in order to ensure the highest level of productivity and information management designed to coordinate all of our activities and ensure that tasks are completed in the correct manner at the correct time with a view to resolving any issues in a timely manner. Domino Building Services acknowledge that we are fast moving into a completely digitised world but we remain aware that the industry wide custom of paper based documentary evidence is still required in some areas to support our activities. Therefore, if required, documentation electronically produced via Joblogic can be printed from a customer portal if necessary.  Unique login details for the portal are issued to all of our customers.

The Joblogic system is populated with all of the assets included within our agreement and all routine service activities will be scheduled in accordance with industry recognised guidelines and legislative requirements to ensure that nothing is overlooked.  In addition any site specific requirements such as special access arrangements, points of contact and access times etc. will be programmed in the system.  As with all businesses, from time to time, unplanned events can prevent full compliance with the activities that have been planned but Joblogic allows us to manage these events in a real-time basis and will guarantee that tasks which have not been undertaken are re-planned at the earliest convenience.

All relevant industry standard forms and certificates can be signed digitally by a representative of your company on our engineer’s tablet and any reports will be instantly escalated to our helpdesk so we can immediately react to any problems found or information supplied and begin planning the most effective way to reach a solution. Any documentation completed on the tablet using the Joblogic ‘App’ will be stored electronically and can be accessed in the Customer Portal at any time.

According to preference our customers can log call outs or make enquiries in the traditional manner over the telephone or by e mail or can log in to the Customer Portal to access information on a real time basis.  Once a call has been received customers can track when an engineer has been dispatched and view any reports or photographs relating to the job.  In addition, any quotations produced will be able to be viewed and accepted via the portal.

Joblogic’s infrastructure is such that historical data relating to systems, plant and equipment is retained and visible by all which ensures that continuity is maintained for the entire lifecycle of the asset thus allowing informed decisions to be made.

The system is fundamental in ensuring that Domino Building Services remain a reliable and high quality service provider to our customers and underpins all of the activities that we undertake.

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