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Design & Installation

Domino can design and install new systems for your building, as well as servicing, repairing and ensuring maximum efficiency from your existing ones.

Whether you need a new control system, or want advice on upgrading, moving or reconfiguring an existing one, our experienced team can guide you through every stage of the design, detail and actual installation with minimal hassle and cost. We will help you scope out a technical brief, and then use it and our knowledge of your business to develop a work programme and cost plan geared to your specific needs.

Because of our design and build experience, we can save you time by letting you know from the outset what will work for your building and what will not.

Once we have agreed a technical brief and service specification with the client, our dedicated planning office will provide detailed installation and commissioning schedules so that both you and the project team know what is happening at each stage of the design and install process.

We work hard to understand your exact requirements and needs at every stage so that we can provide the best possible solution, at the best price.

Disruption from construction or refurbishment will be kept to a minimum and done at times or on days which best suit the needs of your business.

With all contracts, however large or small, we guarantee the following procedures will be observed:

  • Progress reviews carried out as regularly as wanted or required
  • Guarantees that the best available plant and equipment will be installed
  • The best qualified staff for the job will be used
  • Regular reliability assessment and performance reports
  • Detailed completion inspection and commissioning tests will be carried out
  • We will create a detailed plant, equipment and records system for the new service
  • Creation and explanation of a custom preventative maintenance programme
  • We will create all of the informational systems you will need for effective operational support
  • A friendly, approachable dialogue at all stages of the process, meaning concerns or issues can be raised and solved as easily as possible

We are also able to supply a full air conditioning design, installation and maintenance service for split and multi-split systems, close controlled temperature systems for specific environments and are approved installers for major manufacturers.

Using our design and install specialists guarantees the completed system will be of the highest quality and as cost-effective as possible.

Our reputation for design and maintenance excellence means you can be sure we will make the right choice for you and you won’t regret using our services, so get in touch today to see what improvements we can help you make to your business.