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Technical Services

With over two decades’ experience in all aspects of facilities management, Domino is also your friendly and approachable go-to building maintenance company when you need experts in technical services. As with all our work, our technical services offerings are designed to do the necessary work to the highest possible quality for the best possible price and our expert team are friendly, approachable and able to answer any questions you may have.

Our technical services specialities include:

Predictive Engineering – Knowing how much life is left in your plant machinery is a huge bonus for budget and production planning and our team of experts are very experienced in this field, using fatigue testing and production data to make an assessment of when additional maintenance or upgrades are most likely to be needed.

Risk Management – Managing risk is a critically-important task that can be time-consuming in a building or factory with multiple control and machinery systems. Our experienced team can take on this task and keep documented control of any areas that need to be assessed, sending you regular updates and advisories of any changes needed.

Health and Safety Management – No company, however small, can afford to ignore changes and updates to health and safety legislation, but this is another area that can be time-consuming to keep on top of. Our engineers always have command of the very latest advice and can manage this service for you. Their expertise and professionalism means you can be confident of leaving the health and safety of your staff in their hands.

Environmental Maintenance – Looking after your building or site environment is a service often neglected by businesses but one which is underpinned by statutory regulation and best workplace practice guidelines. Our team provide an all-round environmental advice and support service, and carry out any work identified as necessary as part of this.

Maintenance Planning – Regular servicing of plant machinery and equipment helps increase its lifespan as well as reduce the chance of sudden and catastrophic breakdown. We schedule regular site visits to help your equipment maintain optimal performance as well as to assist us in predicting when an upgrade or replacement might be necessary, aiding your financial, budget and production planning.

These are our most commonly requested services, but we are confident that we can cover any need you have, so whether you want to talk to us about one of the functions above or something entirely different please get in touch so we can demonstrate how we can help your business.